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Your Child Can Learn to Read in 8 Weeks

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reading strategies for kids

Explode The Code Online powered by CurriculaWorks is an award-winning foundational reading program that utilizes an Orton-Gillingham approach. This multi-sensory, mastery-based program provides explicit and direct instruction of phonics in an easy to use format. The program provides progress monitoring and comprehensive detailed progress reports in multiple languages.


  • Your child will enjoy the simple, engaging and fun activities. Children can work independently in the program without any assistance.  This frees up parents to focus on other priorities.

  • Mastery Based. Progression in the program is mastery-based. This means you will have the peace of mind of knowing your child is receiving sufficient foundational skills practice, not merely playing an educational computer game.

  • Parents love the simple, robust and easy-to-use reporting. Comprehensive detailed reports identify problem areas, provide suggestions for additional practice, and give specific information on each skilled mastered.


  • See it. Hear it. Say it. Through its multi-sensory approach, children enjoy the benefits of one of the most effective ways to learn and to retain what they have learned.


  • Individualized and adaptive. The program will move quickly through the content your child already understands and spend more time on areas where your child needs additional practice. This means your child will be challenged appropriately and stay engaged.  


  • Invisible. Today's students are over-tested. In Explode The Code Online, assessment is seamless - highly effective, but invisible.

"We have tried a few other programs for my 7 year old daughter but she just wasn't getting it. We decided to try Explode the Code Online and WOW! It clicks with her! She's been using it only a month so far at 20 min a day and I must say, she is making wonderful progress. We are very pleased with the format and the results we're seeing."                                                                                         Tina H.

Watch these videos and see why Explode The Code Online Builds Reading Mastery in 8 Weeks

games to learn how to read
  • Reading Online Overview

Learn how Explode the Code Online works and see the program in action!

online reading for kids
  • Why Mastery Matters

Learn why mastery matters to every successful reader in this short interactive video.

reading strategies for kids
  • Reading Overview

Understand why Explode The Code and Explode The Code Online are two of the most effective reading skills programs available today.

Additional Features

  • Complete phonics based reading skills program. Includes over 900 adaptive student activities that address more than 95 specific early literacy skills covering K-4th grades.

  • Multiple robust progress monitoring and reports. Children can measure their progress daily by collecting badges and earning achievement certificates. Parents can review detailed progress reports about specific skills that have been mastered or are in need of additional practice.

  • ipad and tablet compatible. Children can access the program through multiple devices. Click this link to see minimum system requirements.


"My 5 year old loves this program. It's interactive and appealing without being overloaded with graphics, so that the focus stays on the language-based lesson content. Finally, a program that teaches skills at a developmentally and age-appropriate level and puts the emphasis back on systematic, progressive phonics instruction, where it belongs. My reluctant reader is no longer turned off by the mention of reading, because he sees himself making progress, as do I through the highly detailed post-lesson assessments. As a former K-5 classroom teacher and now homeschooling parent, I am pleased to have found a program that is the mainstay of my emergent reader instruction. I plan to use this in a few years again with my youngest child."

Heather C.

Management System.JPG
  • Reading Management System
  • Reading How it Works

Learn about the 900 skill building activities and how Explode The Code Online works.

Review the powerful management system in

Explode The Code Online.

Our detailed reports allow you to get quick at-a-glance information and to drill down to detailed progress reports and suggestions for further practice.

Students with Learning Disabilities

"When we created Explode The Code Online, we were fortunate to consult with literacy specialist Dr. Angela Rickford, Professor in Special Education. Dr. Rickford explained to us that teaching techniques that are effective for students with learning disabilities are simply good teaching techniques. We created Explode The Code Online to be effective with students with learning disabilities, and what we discovered is that it has worked well with children at all levels because explicit, direct, multi-sensory instruction is just simply the most effective way to provide students a strong foundation in literacy. If your child has learning disabilities, and you've tried other programs that haven't been effective, try Explode The Code Online. We stand behind our guarantee that your child will be reading in 8 weeks. The Explode The Code workbooks were designed by teacher Nancy Hall and have been used in special education classrooms for 40 years. We developed the online version of Explode The Code as a literacy tool for all students. It also works well for students with learning disabilities. View our testimonials to see what parents of special needs students have to say."

Deanna Terzian

Curriculaworks President

"I love using Explode the Code Online! I used it with my oldest who went from reading on a 2nd grade level to a 5th grade level in one year. She is a great speller as well, and I attribute a lot of her success to ETC. I am now using it with my younger child and I am seeing progress with him as well. My kids like using the computer for their practice rather than another workbook. I really appreciate the reports and the auto-leveling features because I know that my child can't move on until he has mastered the level. It forces him to focus and attend to his practice if he wants to move forward. I have recommended ETC online to every parent that I know who is concerned about their child's progress in reading."                                                                                                                                                                                              Erica F.

Research Basis and Scope & Sequence

View a summary of the research basis and scope and sequence of Explode The Code Online.


If you purchase a subscription from us today and your child uses our reading skills program for 20 minutes a day, five days a week, for eight weeks, we guarantee that your child will learn to read. If not or you are unhappy for any reason, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. We offer this guarantee because we have seen how thousands of children have mastered reading because of Explode The Code Online Powered by CurriculaWorks. Join our team of successful readers today!

Explode The Code Online powered by CurriculaWorks is an award-winning foundational reading skills program that utilizes an Orton-Gillingham approach.

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