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Rigorous cognitive training 
Targeted reading instruction 

CurriculaWorks created Explode the Code ® Online in partnership with publisher EPS Literacy and Intervention.  Explode the Code ® Online powered by CurriculaWorks is effective because it is grounded in excellent pedagogy and the digital implementation is research-based.  This robust and adaptive reading software has been field tested by thousands of reluctant readers. Explode the Code ® Online powered by CurriculaWorks was a Finalist in the 2011 Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Awards.




For five years, we worked with the U.S. Office of Naval Research to develop a video game-based cognitive trainer that focuses on growing key brain process functions, including working memory.  Project Azriel is zombie themed cognitive training game that focuses on improving cognitive processes such as problem solving, short term memory and attention.  A randomized, blinded study with more than 165 subjects showed that the program was effective at improving fluid intelligence.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our capabilities in this area.

Product Showcase


Below are two products that highlight the breadth of our capabilities and represent our past and present efforts to develop learning tools that make the critical difference in achievement and performance. 


A Spoonful of Sugar 

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