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Let's Create Together



If you are a researcher or institution interested in targeted tools that enhance learning outcomes, please contact us to discuss how we can partner to apply your research to our learning tools.

Creating an effective learning product require both strong technical skills to build the robust learning tool, as well as strong research expertise to ensure the design is based on solid research and that outcomes are measured effectively. For each of our initiatives, we have a diverse research and development team that provides breadth and depth of expertise across key knowledge domains. We partner with researchers and institutions to design and build outstanding solutions to address complex learning challenges. 


Researchers & Institutions

Curriculaworks currently sells its software services and products predominantly through partnerships with publishers, traditional retailers, sales and marketing organizations, and other direct service providers. If you are interested in a partnership to develop creative solutions to tough challenges or to market or sell our products please contact us.


Sales & Marketing


Curriculaworks learning software is tested by tough environments and critical customers who demand tools that work when everything isn’t perfect. Our customers are our most important partners because when our tools work for them, we have achieved our mission.  A product based on the most relevant research, or that is the most attractive or most fun to use means nothing unless it consistently delivers outcomes for the people who use it.  Try our products and become a learning partner with us.


Become a Partner

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